We answer all your ERC questions

What is the Employee Retention Credit, and how does it work?

The Employee Retention Credit—or ERC—can help businesses recover after COVID-19. Get to know the rules of the program to see if your business qualifies.

What are the differences between the PPP loan and ERC refund?

While the ERC and PPP both help businesses recover from the pandemic, they have a lot of differences that can be used to maximize their assistance.

How do I qualify for Employee Retention Credits?

Want to claim an ERC refund for your business? First, you've got to qualify! Discover the ins and outs of the ERC program rules so you can move forward with confidence.

What documents are needed to qualify for Employee Retention Credits?

Filing an ERC claim requires a bit of preparation. There are specific documents you'll need to have on hand in order to calculate and process your claim.

3 reasons why your CPA may not be the best resource for ERC

CPAs are amazing. But they might not be the right call when you want to maximize your ERC refund. Discover three reasons why you should choose an expert.

What's the limit my business can receive in ERC funding?

Most businesses want to know the maximum amount of money they could receive from an ERC claim. Find out what the limits are and how much you could get.

How much does it cost to qualify for ERC?

While the IRS doesn't charge any money to file an ERC refund, ERC companies do charge a fee for their services. However, you still usually come out ahead.

Is the ERC a refundable tax credit?

Unlike the PPP loan, the ERC program is a refundable tax credit. Find out exactly what that means and how it benefits your business.

Can I get ERC funds if I already got a PPP loan?

The simple answer to this question is yes! But it wasn't always that way. You'll also need a plan if you want to maximize both the PPP and ERC benefits.

What can I use my ERC refund for?

When it comes to spending your ERC refund money, there are absolutely no limits on what you can use it for. Dive in and discover how it can help your business grow.

What are the ERC requirements for 2021?

Did you know that the ERC requirements are slightly different for 2021 and 2020? Get to know the exact requirements for 2021 so you can figure out if you qualify.

Who counts as a qualified employee for ERC credits?

After qualifying for the ERC, the next step is figuring out which employee wages qualify for your claim. Learn how this determination works and affects your claim amount.