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Many businesses struggled during the pandemic. If you were one of them, you may qualify for the Employee Retention Credit (ERC).

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What is the Employee Retention Credit Program?

The Employee Retention Credit is an economic stimulus program for small businesses. With no limits on funding, your business could receive thousands of dollars!

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What are the ERC program requirements?

In order to qualify for Employee Retention Credit, your business must have experienced one of three basic qualifications during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Operation Suspensions

The COVID-19 pandemic caused your business to lose revenue.

Supply Disruptions

Issues caused by disruptions in the supply chain affected your business's ability to operate.

Revenue Reduction

In 2020-2021, you lost 20% to 50% revenue compared to the same 2019 quarter.

Please note that each of these requirements are very nuanced, and the IRS has issued specific guidance for each of them. While we do not determine eligibility for the ERC program, our site and tools may be useful in helping you determine your own eligibility for yourself. If you feel like you meet the requirements for the ERC program, the please call (855) 433-7246 or fill out our ERC questionnaire today.

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